How important is showcasing your product in the right packaging?

Especially when it’s jewellery.

And it’s not just about keeping the product safe and secure during transport and storage. (Though that’s crucial, as well.)

The right packaging creates a positive unboxing experience. Your customer is more likely to understand your brand’s unique identity when they have a favourable first impression.

And it all starts with a box.

If you make the packaging attractive and inviting, it can increase your sales. A recent survey revealed that for 72% of Americans, product packaging design plays a major role in their purchasing decisions. It becomes even more important when buying gifts.

But, especially for small business owners, jewellery packaging can be a significant expense.

That’s why it’s worth trying creative ideas to stay on a budget with jewellery packaging. In this article, you’ll learn about some cheap solutions for your online and physical store.
But, before creating effective jewellery packaging, you need to consider your brand identity and budget.

Understanding Your Brand Identity
Brand identity is a combination of visuals, language and values that make up who you are as a business.

It is always specified in any retail, B2B, or SaaS marketing plan. Things like packaging, website and the style of jewellery are part of your brand identity.

But how do you determine your brand identity?

First, establish your brand strategy and business goals. Know your values and mission. How exactly do you want to be perceived? A fun brand or an authority? A movement or an exclusive club?

Come up with the elements that best define who you are as a brand. Once that’s done, you can start applying your chosen visuals and messaging across your business.

Be consistent on social media and in email marketing. Make sure your posts and emails showcase your brand’s personality.

[Pro tip: analyse the market and use an email finder to target the right people with your content strategy.]

One of the most effective ways to reflect your branding strategy is through packaging.

Post time: Jun-03-2024