How to make jewelry packaging box design quickly attract attention?

 For jewelry packaging boxes, it not only has the function of protecting goods and conveying the image of the goods, but also has the function of improving the grade and added value of jewelry. In order to quickly attract consumers’ attention, many jewelry merchants not only work hard on the design of jewelry, but also constantly try new methods in the design of packaging boxes. So how can we quickly attract consumers’ attention? Perhaps you can learn from the following methods.

 1. Structural design

        The most basic thing for the packaging design of jewelry boxes is to consider its structural design. As Hangzhou Jewelry Box Printing Factory said, this is its basic structure. When designing the structure of jewelry packaging boxes, you need to consider:

         (1) The grade positioning of jewelry mainly involves the shape design and material selection of the jewelry box. Among jewelry packaging of the same grade, it should be ensured that the selected materials are the most economical, affordable, and environmentally friendly;

         (2) The characteristics and accessories of jewelry, mainly involving the box design and lining selection of jewelry;

         (3) Meet the basic requirements for packaging;

         (4) Corresponding packaging testing to ensure that the packaging has a certain strength and is sufficient to protect the jewelry inside;

         (5) Try to use mechanized or semi-mechanized production of jewelry packaging boxes.

   2. Material selection

For jewelry box design, the most common packaging method is the top and bottom lid type. For the design of a top-to-bottom cover, the most taboo thing is that the lid and bottom of the box are dented inward. Therefore, when selecting materials, you should pay attention to the stiffness of the materials used for the lid and bottom of the box. The materials that can usually be selected include gray board and fiberboard. Due to the differences in each material, the corresponding sizes and specifications will also be different.

   3. Situational design

       As competition in jewelry becomes increasingly fierce, the design size of jewelry boxes needs to pay more attention to cater to consumers’ consumption needs and habits, and be flexibly adjusted according to usage scenarios, which has become a new trend in jewelry box design. For the design of jewelry boxes, it should not only provide diversified packaging solutions of different sizes that take into account the consumer experience, but also consider the convenience and comfort of the packaging size and usage scenarios for consumers.