There are many ways to arrange windows, the main ones are as follows

According to seasonal changes, seasonal products are displayed together, such as sweaters and windbreakers in late winter and early spring, and summer clothes, sandals, and straw hats in late spring and early summer. This method satisfies the psychological characteristics of customers buying in season and is used to expand sales. However, seasonal displays must be displayed in advance one month before the arrival of the season and introduced to customers in order to play the role of seasonal promotion.

There are many ways to arrange windows, the main ones are as follows:
①Specific window display
It refers to using different artistic forms and processing methods to introduce a certain product in a window, for example, a specific display of a single product and a specific display of product models.

② Comprehensive window display
It is a comprehensive display of many unrelated products in a display window to form a complete display window advertisement. Due to the large differences between the products, this kind of window display must be designed with caution, otherwise it will give people a “mixed porridge” feeling. Among them, it can be divided into horizontal window layout, vertical window layout and unit window layout.

③Thematic window display
It centers on an advertising topic, organizes different types of products to be displayed around a specific event, and conveys a theme of appeal to the media public. It can also be divided into: holiday display – a special holiday window display with the theme of celebrating a certain festival; event display – a display window that combines related products with the theme of a certain activity in society; scene display – based on the use of the product, Set up a variety of related products in specific scenes in the display window to induce customers’ purchasing behavior.

④Systematic window display
Large and medium-sized stores have larger display windows, which can be combined and displayed in one display window according to the category, performance, material, use and other factors of the products.

⑤Seasonal window displays
The store window is not only an integral part of the overall decoration of the facade, but also the first exhibition hall of the store. It is mainly based on the goods sold by the store, with clever use of scenery and props, background decoration as a foil, and appropriate lighting, Color and text description are comprehensive advertising art forms for product introduction and product promotion. Before entering the store, consumers browse the display windows intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore, the design and publicity of the display windows have an important impact on consumers’ purchasing emotions. The design of the display window must first highlight the characteristics of the product, and at the same time make the window layout and product introduction conform to the general psychological behavior of consumers, that is, make consumers feel beautiful and comfortable after viewing it, and have a favorable impression and yearning for the product. A good window display can not only introduce products, guide consumption, and promote sales, but also become an artistic masterpiece in front of the store to attract passers-by.

Post time: Jun-03-2024