Jewelry tray

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Points you must know about custom jewelry tray.

Jewelry packaging materials are divided into jewelry prop tray packaging materials and jewelry box materials. Generally speaking, jewelry prop packaging materials and jewelry box materials are very different, or they can be said to be completely different materials.

First, let’s talk about the packaging materials of jewelry prop trays in jewelry packaging. For example, the jewelry trays we generally use for jewelry props, especially the jewelry trays often used for gold, the red ones are red velvet, and the velvet we most commonly use is divided into colors. In terms of classification, it can be divided into off-white; beige; brown; dark blue; maroon; black, etc. Among these colors, we use more red velvet in jewelry props and jewelry trays, which of course is attached to the bottom of the jewelry box. , or it is also commonly used inside boxes with slightly lower prices. Of course, there is also a disadvantage when using this kind of flannel material, that is, it easily attracts dust after being used for a long time, making it difficult to take care of it.

In terms of jewelry props, the most commonly used material is leather. The most common type of jewelry props we use is PU leather. These are artificial leathers. Those who make jewelry props in this jewelry shop rarely use real leather, because jewelry props need to be replaced every one or two years. There is no need to use real leather, which also increases the cost. , we distinguish according to color: white; brown: dark blue; maroon; black; brown, etc. According to the surface treatment of leather, there are glossy surface and matte surface. For jewelry props, it is best to use matte surface. First, matte absorbs light, and jewelry is reflective, so it can effectively show the appearance of goods. Essentially, when choosing jewelry props, choosing materials is a very important step. The color and leather surface of the selected materials directly affect the quality of the jewelry.

The above is a general overview of jewelry packaging, jewelry props, and materials used in the customization process of jewelry trays. No matter what kind of materials are used, the ultimate purpose is to set off the red flower and bring unlimited benefits to jewelers. business opportunities, bringing a visual feast to customers.


Post time: Jan-05-2024