Watch box

Hello, welcome to Shero Decoration Co., Ltd. Today we will introduce you our watch box.

Points you must know about custom watch box

Today, let’s analyze the types of watch boxes from the main material. Packaging boxes are generally divided into color boxes, paper boxes, crystal boxes, plastic boxes, wooden embryo boxes and painted wooden boxes. But watches belong to the category of luxury goods, so usually it is a very low-end box, so the color box is basically not used to hold watches, and the main material is from low-grade to high-end.

The lowest grade should be a transparent watch box, but crystal boxes are generally environmentally friendly, with different shapes and easy to control, and are generally widely used in foreign children’s watch markets.

The second is cardboard watch box, also called watch packaging carton. The biggest feature of watch packaging box is that the size can be adjusted at will and it is environmentally friendly, but overall it is low-grade, mainly used for some low-end watches and some parts that require environmental protection. foreign market.

The most commonly used is the plastic watch box, the main material is rubber embryo, and the outside is usually covered with a layer of paper or PU leather. The cost is medium, and the grade belongs to the upper middle. Guanghui is used in the watch market. That is, it can be designed to be simple and elegant, or it can be designed without losing luxury. The only downside is that there must be a mold first, and there is a size limit.

Then there is the high-end wood embryo watch box, which can also be wrapped in paper and PU leather. Compared with the plastic embryo box, it can meet any size that customers want, but the cost is far more expensive than the plastic watch box. Generally, when the number of customers is large, they will choose to open the rubber embryo mold instead of directly making wooden embryo watch boxes.

The last one is the spray-painted watch box. From the perspective of the main material, it is the most high-end watch box style, but the cost is much higher than other styles, and the current market demand is not much.


Post time: Aug-25-2023