• Advantages And Disadvantages of Different Showcase Materials

    At present, there are several materials commonly used in the market for making display cabinets, and their advantages and disadvantages are compared according to their actual situation as follows: One: Wooden display case Wooden display case is a re...
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  • Diversified Development Trend of Jewelry Packaging

    The development trajectory of any industry cannot be separated from the imprint of the times. In this visual era, the jewelry industry is no exception. Among them, the jewelry packaging boxes show different design forms in the way of presentation, and the packaging reflects the quality of the pro...
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  • Watch box

    Watch box

    Hello, welcome to Shero Decoration Co., Ltd. Today we will introduce you our watch box. Points you must know about custom watch box Today, let’s analyze the types of watch boxes from the main material. Packaging boxes are generally divided into color boxes, paper boxes, crystal boxes, plastic box...
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  • Packaging is not just “packaging”

    1. Facilitate brand recognition The first priority of packaging is to make it easy to identify the brand. No matter at any time, consumers will know it is your brand just by looking at it. Example of practice: Enlarged logo and brand name; unique package shape; unique color; unique lace   2....
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  • How to identify the inner quality of glass jewelry showcase

    Observe the advantages and disadvantages of wood, which requires the need to open the door and drawer of the glass jewelry showcase, and observe whether the plate is dry, white, and without cracks. Whether the texture is tight and delicate. Display counters made of particleboard, density board an...
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  • Jewelers International Showcase (JIS)

    The JIS Fall Show, formerly JIS October, is one of the largest jewelry trade shows and brings together a variety of manufacturers, wholesalers and brands right in time for the holidays, one of the most important restocking seasons of the year. Jewelers International Showcase (JIS) is the only tra...
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  • Customized Jewelry Display Cabinets, We Need to Avoid Pursuing Low Prices

    Customized Jewelry Display Cabinets, We Need to Avoid Pursuing Low Prices

    Nowadays, there are many jewelry display cabinets of all sizes, which promote healthy competition among display cabinet factories. However, there are also drawbacks. What are the reasons for the different quotations from manufacturers? Generally speaking, it is the craft...
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  • Jewelry box

    Jewelry box

    Hello, welcome to Shero Decoration Co., Ltd. Today we will introduce you our jewelry box. Points you must know about custom jewelry box The jewelry box is used to place jewelry, and can be used as a jewelry collection, jewelry packaging and jewelry gift box. The color of the jewelry box is usuall...
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  • How to Quickly Attract the Attention of Consumers

    For the packaging box of jewelry, it must not only have the role of protecting the commodity and transmitting the image of the commodity, but also shoulder the function of enhancing the grade and added value of the jewelry. In order to quickly attract the attention of consumers, many jewelry busi...
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  • Jewelry Packaging: Jewelry Prop Design Skills: How Much Do You Know?

    Prop arrangement 1. The symmetry method refers to the arrangement of jewelry items according to the principle of symmetry, which can be further divided into axial symmetry method and central symmetry method. The axis symmetry metho...
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  • How To Distinguish The Good And Bad Of Lacquer Cabinet?

    With the increasing abundance of material, people's business activities are constantly improved and enriched. Take display cabinet industry as an example, the display of goods is not only placed on the booth for consumers to choose, but also requires more and more visual...
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  • How To Match The Jewelry Display Cabinet With The Props

    The jewelry display cabinet props used to set off diamond jewelry should first be black, which can best highlight the light of diamonds, but black cannot be used in a large area, and if it is not used properly, it will affect the brand image and taste. The second is off-...
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